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31 Days of Halloween Music. Day One: “No More Nightmares” by Dead When I Found Her

It’s October! I’m hoping you knew that already, but – in case you don’t own one of those calendar thingies that all of the kids seem to be agog about these days – it’s October!. Last October, on Facebook, I recommend a different horror movie every day for the entire month. Then Facebook sold our data to Nazi pricks Steve Bannon and Bob Mercer, so screw them and the shitty cartoon frog they road in on. Anyhooooo, this year I’ll be using this very site which you are currently gazing upon to provide a different Halloween-appropriate song every gawddamn day from now until November (October’s less popular kid brother).

And, boy howdy, let me tell you fer sure by gum that this will not be your typical parade of Halloween-themed songs either. Every year some lazy music critic tells you to go listen to “The Monster Mash”, a randomly chosen & certifiably crappy Rob Zombie tune, and the Ramones'”Pet Sematary”. Then they turn that shit over to an editor at Slate who adds a few Beyonce songs to the list because…well…Slate. This happens EVERY DAMN YEAR!

So, just to show you that I’m on the level, here’s our first track. It’s the perfectly creepy “No More Nightmares” by Dead When I Found Her off of their brilliant 2012 “Rag Doll Blues” album. Damn. 2012 was a great year for music. Dim the lights and enjoy! I’ll be back tomorrow with another disturbing song.

September’s Edition of RATYHTL is Here. Let the Revelry Commence!

September’s edition of RATYHTL is now available On Demand, you demanding miscreants!

Here’s the playlist…
Down To DownNight Sins
WastelandThe Mission
Books on the Bonfire (edit)The Bolshoi
I Have a CrackLebanon Hanover
Break One
Your Turn To Run (I Will Be Your Only One)Malaria!
DrowningSixth June
Dusk Is Like a DaggerThe Frozen Autumn
Freaks Me OutCollide
Break Two
In Her HouseScreams For Tina
Nothings Gonna Be AlrightSanta Hates You
MalaroneLinea Aspera
Break Three
KatarisShe Past Away
Memory, uncaring friendBlack Tape For A Blue Girl
Where Shadows LieBella Morte
Break Four
Black Wedding DayLacrimosa
Incubation (2010 Remastered Version)Joy Division
Fireworks (12″ Version)Siouxsie And The Banshees
Break Five
UnderbellyThe Slow Waves
The Impossible Mission [Explicit]Alien Sex Fiend
Mouth To Mouth [Landray Vocal Mix]The Glove
Scream with Me (feat. Go Fight) (Remix)Lorelei Dreaming feat. Go Fight
Break Six
The Last SongTrisomie 21
Snake DanceMarch Violets
Black VioletVIO

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New 7th Victim EP Does Not Cause Blindness In Horses

On September 1st, 2018 7th Victim released a four-song EP that – so far – has not been shown to cause blindness in horses. The EP, titled “The Tombstone Jacket EP” consists of four rough tracks from the upcoming “Giallo” album and does not cause blindness in horses.

Although no veterinarian has been willing to go on record with a statement about the EP, several have stated, in private, that the songs are “probably OK to play around horses” and “that’s likely to be the best review this thing is going to get”.

You and your horse can listen to the entire EP, or download it for FREE, here…


Welcome to the FutureGoFight
Countdown to DestructionPhosgore
Eat Your FaceJane in Space
HelsinkiJane in Space
10.000 YearsDie Robot
CollapseAssemblage 23
Spy In The House Of LoveWAS (Not Was)
David Fucking Bowie [Explicit]Powerman 5000
WreckagePortion Control
Warm LeatheretteDecoded Feedback
Dominion / Mother RussiaThe Sisters Of Mercy
Secret Agent Man (2010 Remastered Version)DEVO
Ersatz GazeStatiqbloom
Burn Witch Burn (Angelspit Remix)Ego Likeness
Spilling BloodAesthetic Perfection
Puzzlin’ Evidence (Remastered)Talking Heads
Out Of My MindGrendel
Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten Remix)Grendel
Satanic Aesthetic (Mr.Kitty Remix)Angelspit
James Bond ThemeThe Ventures
LonelinessClan Of Xymox
Who Made You God?Spetsnaz
Better SexLié


California (Wiccid Remix)Esther Black
Dashing DameDeathproof
Leder Dame [Explicit]Strvngers
Pussycat Shark Teeth (Original Mix)I Think I Broke Something
Underwear DrawerThe Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
Face Meets GlassThe Actors
HexPychic Teens
Close Your EyesHide
DevourLana Del Rabies
Eighty Sixed [Into The Cut Funk-O-Tron Dub]CONFORMCO
Plan B (Kilmarth Remix)Psy’Aviah
Black Harbour / Helma Nah’ ShmarrKirlian Camera
Embrace Your Life (X-Rx RMX)SynthAttack
Daily Nightly (2007 Remastered Version)The Monkees
WordsThe Monkees
Ravens FlyKevorkian Death Cycle
Iron AgeBlume
Bring the StormUnity One
Secrets (feat. Avarice in Audio) [Vocal Version]Antibody
Velvet CagePanic Priest
Rise & Repent (Descent Mix)Pig
AtemlosDas Ich
Zero Tolerance (ÜberDriver’s Fast and Furious Mix)Binary Division

The Demos of Loudun – Get Free 7th Victim MP3s

Tomorrow, May 21st, is my birthday (I’ll be 55!). And while I’m sticking with my annual tradition of asking each of you to donate to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, I’m adding an extra incentive this year. After you donate, please shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a randomly selected mp3 of one of the demo tracks for the upcoming 7th Victim album. These are the tracks that’ve I’ve been sending to Janet in order to persuade her to sing on the album, so these my vocals on them and not hers – you’ve been warned.

Don’t have enough money to donate to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation? No problem. Help spread the word and I’ll consider that a donation.


Project-Time: Build a Pedalboard for Your Synths

WARNING: The following post assumes that you have, at least, a moderate level of experience with woodworking. Unless you want to be playing keyboards with just your thumbs, don’t just grab a piece of wood and take a jigsaw to it.

[Fun Fact: My father gave my this jigsaw and a drill when I was 11 or 12 years old. The drill died about 5 years ago, but the jigsaw, much like a troubled teenager, just keeps cutting!]

After my second 7th Victim (14th Victim???) show, it became clear to me that my current method for transporting and setting up my synths was not working. Basically, I was boxing up my individual synths, controllers, and mixer, transporting them to the show. Then reassembling them on the spot. So, yeah, it was taking 10 to 20 minutes to set up for a 30 minute set.

My intimal plan was to buy a pedalboard and case large enough to accommodate my live setup. This seemed like a great idea until I looked at the prices ($200 – $500). Then it hit me that I already own both hard and soft cases that I could use to transport my synths. I just needed a “synthboard” on which to mount them (ewwww!). If you already has a case, and would like to create a synthboad that will fit inside it, the following steps should – hopefully – be of some help. If you don’t already own a case (and aren’t a cheapskate like me), I’d strongly suggest just purchasing a pedalboard with a hard case.

Step One: Choose a piece of wood and choose that piece of wood… wisely.

I went with a piece of plywood which had the following waring emblazoned upon it in a most artistic fashion.

Before I cut it down to size, I showed it to my friend Paul.

Me: What dumb Son-of-a-Trump is this waring meant for?

Paul: Yeah. It’s like someone might be shocked to discover that a piece of wood contains wood dust.

Me: It’s like putting up a sign at the museum which reads “Warning: Mummies Might Have Dry Skin”.

Paul: Well, there’s only wood dust if someone – you know- actually cuts into it. Maybe you’re just meant to admire it…from afar.

Me: At least it’s only known to cause cancer in California. I’m sawing into it in PA, so I should be just fine.

Be sure to sand the living shit outta your board after you cut (There was a surprising amount of wood dust when I did this). No one wants splinters. Well, almost no one. I tend to speak in generalities.

Step Two: It’s not the size that matters; it’s where you stick it.

So that my fully-loaded sythboard could fit comfortably into either of my cases, I had to go with a maximum size of 32” wide x 13” deep. I had measured out my components beforehand, so I knew that they’d fit into an area this size, with some room to spare, but I needed to figure out where to place them for maximum performance (I.e. so that I could get to each component quickly, and so that I didn’t keep reaching across one component to get to another).

Once you’re 95% certain about the placement of your components, trace their outlines onto board. First using a pencil and then a marker.

You’ll also want to consider cutting some holes in the board to accommodate things like footswitches and midi connectors. If you do this, remember to sand the holy shit outta these openings – you never know what appendage might be inserted into them.

Step Three: Velcro – Miracle product or tool of Satan?

One you’ve got the outlines of your components traced, apply strips of Velcro to bottom of each component ($20 will buy you about 10 feet of Velcro – easily enough for this project. Then, measure out where you placed the Velcro strips on and replicate this on the board.

Next, secure the Velcro strips on the board with small woodscrews. Why? Because I’ve found that why Velcro tends to stick nicely to plastic, it can be hit-or-miss on wood.

As Velcro will hold up to 5lbs in place, your equipment will now be secure. Go forth and conquer in the name of The Synth!


TeufelskreisDie Robo Sapiens
This Is Gonna Hurt [Explicit]Synapsyche
The TruthStoppenberg
Dots, Circles and Lines (Rob Dust Big Beatz Remix)Lederman / De Meyer
Satanic Aesthetic (Mr.Kitty Remix)Angelspit
Here We Are Again! (1992)Forma Tadre
Who Do You Love? (Barbacue Remix For Claus & Kurt)Birmingham 6
It Only Takes a Minute (Radio Mix)Tavares
Bite Down HardStreet Sects
New Jersey Devil [Explicit]Ho99o9
Time’s Up [Explicit]3TEETH & HO99O9
There Will Be BloodX-RX
Whites of Your Eyes Dancing Plague
Seven Nation ArmyObscenity Trial
Wolves at the DoorAvarice in Audio
Fucked (I Found Heaven) [Explicit]Hide
UnwillingLana Del Rabies
Soylent [Explicit]Wire Spine
The New DayProject Pitchfork
Hexxxed [Explicit]Strvngers
Community CollapseCardinal Noire
Dancing in the MoonlightKing Harvest
Back to PsychoburbiaDarkness on Demand
HollowAshbury Heights
Heavy HandsAnimal Bodies
Snow and JoyNull Device


Shadow HorizonRabbit Junk
Shallow Under SkinDicepeople & Moi Saint
Fallen DownDicepeople & Moi Saint
Bury MeActors
Horror MusicRosegarden Funeral Party
It’s ObviousAu Pairs
then we will breakbring her
The HuntValhall
Like the DevilThe Rain Within
Do U Fear (For Your Child?) – Klub Hell MixMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Pyrrhic VictoryGanser
MagnetoMesser Chups
NervesPossum Dixon
I Am The SunEgoprisme
Forgotten RomanceVanity Drum
Light MindMiracle
Circles of DustXentrifuge
L.L.T.Q. (feat. Leather Strip) – Neon Insect
Trash MentalRitualz
Things Will Be Better in HellStreet Sects
Far AwayDive
Howl (feat. Zola Jesus)Black Asteroid
Lonely HeroesDear Strange
When Will I See You AgainThe Three Degrees