Because It’s All About Me

I suppose, at some point, a bio will be found here.
I just need to hire someone to ghost-write one for me.

One thought on “Because It’s All About Me”

  1. Hi Rodney,
    Hello from Nebraska. I have a request of sorts from you! When I was a 8th grader in Northeast Nebraska I wrote a letter to The Dead Milkmen fan club address inside my cassette. You and Joe were both so awesome and each wrote me back handwritten letters!! They meant the world to me man!!! Anyhow as a dumb excitable kid I took em to school etc etc and long story short over time I lost them! I got hold of Joe and he said he is writing me one:) He is playing in Omaha on April 23rd and me and a buddy are going. If you could write me another letter to complete the cycle I would be forever in your debt. I will get you an address if I hear back from you:) Not sure if this is a active site you check!! All the Best:)
    Ted Miller

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