Halloween 2018 Edition of RATYHTL (The radio show)

Spoiler Alert: Here’s the play list

Children of the Dark – Mono Inc.
Rain – Project Pitchfork
Sunday Queen – Astari Nite
Black August – Kirlian Camera
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12″ version) – The Specimen
νέκυια -SØLVE
A Thoughtful Beast – Ritual Howls
Human Fly – The Cramps
Something Is Coming – 16volt
Born To Rule – Android Lust
Orient Xmal – Deutschland
Give Me a Reason – Selofan
Martial Love – The Agnes Circle
Small Prey – Bestial Mouths
Twilight – Corpus Delicti
Beautiful Lie (Let It Die) – Date At Midnight
Wait Now – In Letter Form
Shattered In Aspect – Faith And The Muse
Sebastiane – Sex Gang Children
Vitriol – Hapax
In Cold Water – Hante.
Back to Nature – NOIR
Long Lost Dead and Gone – Ashbury Heights
Such Such are the Joys – Shriekback
Forked Tongue – Wychdoktor