31 Days of Halloween Music. Day Ten: Some Pretty Spooky Shit

There was once a time when, if you wanted to see a horror movie, you had to settle for crap like Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

We’re lucky to live in a Golden Age of Horror that has given us Innkeepers, The Babadook, The VVitch and Hereditary. The variety of Dark Music have also expended greatly in the past few decades. When I was young, if you wanted to hear something scary, you had a choice between Alice Cooper, Kiss, or David Soul.

Somehow, this all leads us to The Bestial Mouths [I’m not sure how we got her, but we did, so let’s just enjoy it for what it is.] whom I’ve always considered the Unofficial Band of Halloween. There are some bands that have to work at being spooky, but –somehow- it just seems to come naturally to The Mouths.

See you tomorrow.