The playlist for the November 2017 edition of RATYHTL (The Radio Show)

Great Bank in the Sky [Explicit] – Angelspit

Malediction – Shiv-r

The Calvin Klein of Slime – Encephalon

Absence – The Ludovico Technique

Disorder – Aberrant Behavior

Carnal Dirge (Interface Remix) – Adoration Destroyed

Mind Crusher – Cygnosic

When The World comes Apart – Gary Numan

Captive – Legend

Corporate Slave (Tragic Impulse) – Snog

It’s About Us – Rotersand

Mainlining Tension – Cyanotic

Dominion – Seraphim System

F451 – Stiff Valentine

Do You Klack? – KLACK

Where Are The Bells? – Alter Der Ruine

TickTickTick – IAMX

The Blind – [product]

Targeted for Termination – Microchip Terror

Science – Ashbury Heights

Blackmagick (MMXVII) – Wychdoktor

Sun Dogs – Der Prosector

Headstrong Death March [Explicit] – Whiteqube

Westerners – Boy Harsher

Valerie Loves Me – Material Issue

Voices carry (Crossroads Mix) Adoration Destroyed