Chica Vampiro: The Song


Everybody dig a grave. Dig a grave.
Everybody dig a grave. Dig a grave.

Look over there! To your right. Hit the play button!

Hey gherkins, it’s been a tough week. If you’re in need of a little cheering up, then my friends The Gothsicles, & MC Lars, and I have a song that just might help. It’s a tribute to our favorite Spanish-Language teen vampire show: Chica Vampiro.

You can download it from Bandcamp for free But if you do decide to throw some money our way, be assured that, for the first month,  ALL proceeds will go to charity (and not “Charity”, who is a very talented and flexible pole-dancer).

Here are the lyrics:

Saturday, one o’clock
I turn my TV to Mondo Fox
‘Cuz there’s a show I’ve got to watch
There’s a show that just plain rocks!
A high school girl named Daisy O’Brian
Who’s also a vampire. I ain’t lyin’
The acting is better than Robert De Niro
It’s time to watch…

Reruns of “Buffy” can be OK
But I just can’t watch ’em everyday
Not when there’s so much at stake
So drop that hero and get with a zero
It’s time to watch…

Chica Vampiro, me gusta mucho
Telenovela, amor y justo
Colombian hit, ninos pequenos
Scaring their parents and haunting their sueños
Max de la Torre puede bailar
cuando Ulises O’Brian is far
Twilight it’s not, but still rocks the spot
Chica Vampiro, voy a mirar a lot

[Approximate translation by someone who doesn’t speak Spanish]
Chica Vampiro, your wombat is rabid
Now we must flee; flee to the volcano
For you are the one with the webbed toes
You are the one with a greatest TV show.